5 Tips to avoid Trick or Treaters this Halloween

5 Tips to avoid Trick or Treaters this Halloween

For children, Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year. Little can beat dressing up and knocking on your neighbour’s doors for free treats.

While Halloween is many people’s favourite holiday, it isn’t for everyone. Maybe you are one of those people who isn’t keen on Halloween. Perhaps the constant knocking and choruses of ‘trick or treat’ set your dog off or wake your baby up. Or maybe it’s that you feel like you are entitled to enjoy your evening in peace without having to answer the door again and again to complete strangers.

The good news is that even if you live in an area that’s popular with trick or treaters, there are plenty of ways that you can avoid having to deal with trick or treaters without offending your neighbours. While you don’t have to participate in Halloween, you probably don’t want your neighbours to think that you’re rude or boring because you don’t want to take part. If people think that you don’t enjoy getting into the swing of holidays like Halloween it can cast a gloomy atmosphere over the relationship that you share.

If you don’t want to be involved in Halloween, you don’t have to; it’s just a case of handling the situation with a little grace. Below are five tips for avoiding trick or treaters this Halloween without offending or upsetting anyone.

1. Put up a sign

If you don’t want hoards of trick or treaters knocking on your door, putting out a sign could do the trick. Something simple like ‘Sorry, no treats available here’ or something with a spooky twist like ‘Sorry, the witches took all our treats’ could work well.

You could also opt to explain why you don’t want people knocking on your door by posting a sign like ‘Please, no trick or treaters, baby sleeping’ or ‘We have a dog that likes to bark, please don’t knock’. Honesty can be the answer.

2. Disconnect your doorbell

In case your signs are missed, another option could be to disconnect your doorbell so that you can’t hear people pressing it. Obviously, people could still knock, but at least they won’t be ringing your doorbell constantly.

Can’t disconnect your doorbell? How about putting a cover over the button, so that no one can press it. This should soon make any trick or treaters realise that you aren’t taking part in the holiday this year.

3. Set up a spooky scene outside

Don’t fancy opening the door to trick or treater after trick or treater? Then a great option could be to set up a spooky scene outside. Decorate your garden like a graveyard, or another spooky scene, to show the local community that although you aren’t joining in the trick or treating fun, you are still happy to get involved.

As part of the scene that you set up, make sure to leave some sweets about for any trick or treaters that come to explore your graveyard or spooky scene to enjoy.

4. Don’t put out a pumpkin

The universal symbol that says ‘trick or treaters welcome’ is a carved pumpkin with a tea light in it on your doorstep. So if you don’t want trick or treaters to stop at your house, don’t put a pumpkin out.

It could also be worth turning off your outdoor lights as well. When you have your outdoor lights on, it signals to people that you are ready to welcome trick or treaters.

5. Leave a bowl of candy

A great way to avoid trick or treaters this Halloween is to leave a bowl of candy outside on your lawn or front steps. That way kids can help themselves to sweets. Rather than having to knock on your door, trick or treaters are then able to help themselves to sweets.

If you are going to leave candy for trick or treaters to help themselves to, it is worth also leaving a note asking that everyone only takes one item, to ensure that there are enough sweets for everyone else who comes by.

Halloween is one of the most exciting events of the year for many people, but if it isn’t a holiday that you want to be involved in, having trick or treaters constantly knocking on your door can be incredibly irritating.

However, the tips above can help you to avoid trick or treaters this Halloween and have a relaxed evening that’s free from the stress of having people constantly knocking on your door, shouting ‘trick or treat’ and asking for sweets.

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