What is a Residential Mobile Security Patrol?

What is a Residential Mobile Security Patrol?

Every homeowner wants to keep their family and their property as safe as possible. Residential Mobile Security Patrols, provide a non-intrusive physical deterrent throughout the day and night to ensure you and your home are safe.

A residential mobile security patrol does what it says on the tin. The patrol will stop by your home and carry out a property check to make sure everything is as it should be. Random intervals are assigned by a computer program and no one else will be aware of when these checks are going to be carried out. That ensures that a routine doesn’t emerge and that safety can be maintained.

Patrols will also respond immediately after receiving a call, so they can deal with any incidents as they happen. There are a range of packages on offer, meaning you can get the level and type of security that suits you best. These services offer an ideal deterrent to potential criminals and can include benefits such as key holding and alarm response.

What Are the Main Benefits of Them?

They Offer a Physical Presence and Can Respond Quickly

Having people physically approach your home and check its security can make a big difference. It’s not something that is offered by other forms of security solution. No security system or machine can possibly be as good at spotting dangers or suspicious activity as trained security professionals.

As well as knowing what they should be looking out for, patrolling security officers also know how they should respond if they do notice something that doesn’t seem right. With medical, fire and security training they have the skills and experience to react rapidly to any issues in your best interest.

Police Response Times

Unfortunately, the Police do not have the resources to respond quickly if at all in many cases. Our teams are positioned to ensure we are never further than 20 minutes away from your property and being fully trained can provide an appropriate alarm response and liase with the emergency services when required.

Offering a flexible service, we can also adjust our patrols appropriately to ensure additional security is available following any changes in the situation surrounding you and your property.

Alarms and CCTV Can’t Always Prevent Problems

If your security setup hinges on a couple of CCTV cameras, that might seem like enough right now, but what are the limitations? If there is a problem, the cameras will record the activity and maybe set off an alarm, but that might not be enough to prevent a break-in or any other kind of activity that’s going on around or inside your property.

Using residential mobile security patrols instead of or as well as these cameras has plenty of benefits. Humans are able to act and step in to stop problems in a way that a CCTV camera clearly never could.

Greater Peace of Mind for You, the Homeowner

Knowing that residential mobile security patrols will be visiting your home and surveying its security can offer peace of mind. Popular with a diverse range of customers, our Residential Security Patrols are used by people who live on their own, business people who travel, families who are worried about antisocial behaviour, high profile individuals and those at particular risk of burglary.

A growing number of customers are also choosing mobile patrols as an additional check on elderly or vulnerable family members. Whilst we don’t provide a welfare inspection, our teams do look out for anything unusual and tailor our checks to accommodate common concerns, including open doors and signs of antisocial behaviour.

From Just £19 a Week!

With our Residential Security Patrols starting from just £19/week it may be the perfect opportunity to review your security arrangements and the benefits from regular professional patrols of your property and priority response in the case of an incident.

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