Five Ways To Protect Your Home Before Your Holiday

Five Ways To Protect Your Home Before Your Holiday

In the UK there is an attempted burglary every 45 seconds.

Each year, on average, there are around 700,000 attempted burglaries in the UK alone, with 417,000 of these being successful.

Homes that have no theft prevention measures in place are five times more likely to be broken into than properties that have protection in place. Properties that are empty, for one reason or another, are also more likely to be burgled. For this reason, the police recommend that before jetting off abroad on holiday, you take steps to protect your home.

Here are five ways that you can deter burglars and ensure that your home stays safe and secure.

1. Don’t leave the house looking unoccupied

The worst thing that you can do when heading off on holiday is to leave your home looking unoccupied. To prevent your home from looking empty, mow the lawn before you go, remove any washing that’s drying outside, and open your curtains and blinds. Invest in a timer system, so that you can set your lights to come on each night. Don’t forget to cancel any deliveries that you have, such as milk or newspapers, if these are left by your front door it is like putting up a sign that says ‘we’re not home’.

2. Check your home insurance policy

Ensure that you have home insurance cover that will remain valid while you are away from home. Check with your insurance provider what your policy covers, and ensure that every item in your home, as well as the property itself, is covered. Find out whether your policy can be voided for any reason, such as you being away from home for an extended period.

3. Ask trusted neighbours to check the property

While you are away, ask a trusted neighbour to look after your home by watering the plants, collecting any mail, and making sure that everything is as it should be. By having a neighbour check on your home a few times while you are gone, it will make it look like there are people home, especially if they collect your mail and open and close your curtains each day.

4. Use a property check service

If you don’t have a neighbour that you trust to check your property while you are away? Then perhaps it could be worth using a property inspection service instead? Professional property monitoring services offer intruder alarm response, property patrols at random times of day, and internal and external property checks. These services are designed to help ensure you can relax and enjoy your trip, in the knowledge that your home is being well looked after.

5. Keep valuables out of sight

Ensure that all valuables are kept safely out of sight and can’t be seen through a window. If you have to leave valuables at home, don’t store them in obvious places like your sock draw, the freezer, or a fake food tin – intruders are wise to these hiding spots. Instead, spread them around your home in hard to reach places, leaving items such as inexpensive jewellery in easy to find places.

To keep your home safe from break-ins, take note of the five tips above.