Residential Security Patrols, Yorkshire

Providing peace of mind to high profile, vulnerable and elderly families with regular property checks.

The Security Network Residential Security Officers visit your home at random intervals to ensure it is secure and respond to any threats or incidents until an appropriate resolution is achieved.

Our security patrol officers are available 24/7 and will attend your property immediately after receiving your call.

All our packages are customised to the individual requirements of our customers. Please contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.


The combination of our livered security vehicle fleet, uniformed security officers and on-site signage provides a visual deterrent to individuals looking to burgle or gain unauthorised entry to your home.

Following a strict 10 point property check, we actively investigate any suspicious activity at our properties and report any concerns.

With many burglaries undertaken without planning, it is widely recognised that when presented with several properties a thief will attempt to access the weakest first. Our security audits and residential security property visits are designed to ensure this is not your property.

Our Customers

Residential security patrols are an effective deterrent in a range of scenarios and are used either independently or as part of wider security measures by our customers.

Vulnerable & Elderly carers look to our services as additional welfare visits, particularly for elderly parents who wish to maintain their independence but are at risk of anti-social behaviour.

Individuals Living Alone particularly men and women who are worried about a burglary or unauthorised entry from domestic partners during a dispute.

Shift Workers or families who travel frequently also use our services to provide reassurance whilst they are away.

High Profile Individuals often choose security officer patrols instead of close protection officers to regularly check the perimeter of their property and all access points alongside our CCTV monitoring services.

24/7 Protection

Operating 365 days a year 24 hours a day, our security teams provide round the clock care to our customers.

Offering appropriate cover for your needs or time away from the property, we build effective systems to maximise our presence at your home.

The Security Network is committed to ensuring we provide a full service, only leaving once your home is fully secured and issues have been dealt with.

Residential security home visits can also be integrated with our Residential CCTV Home Security Monitoring Service, which monitors your property’s cameras from our 24/7 Security Control Room whilst you are not at home.

Why Residential Patrols?

There is no doubt that police are stretched and the fear of crime, particularly following a break-in is an increasing trend. Our property patrols provide reassurance to individuals who are concerned about their property or personal safety at home.

Our professional security officers are fully trained in close protection, first aid, firefighting and trauma management. Specialists in situation management, they are effective in communication with customers and emergency services.

Only working in North and West Yorkshire we do not exceed our capability and ensure all visits are completed by our own expert security professionals.

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