Home CCTV Security Monitoring Service

Yorkshire based 24 Hour CCTV Security Monitoring and officer call outs for your home and family.

Many families require a combination of CCTV monitoring and alarm response. The Security Network Home Security Monitoring Service is designed to provide complete peace of mind in these scenarios.

Offering 24/7 Security Support we monitor activity in your home when required and respond to any unusual activity utilising our expert security patrol officers.

Reassuring families throughout North & West Yorkshire, our team is vigilant to any unauthorised activity at your home.

Vigilant Surveillance

Our CCTV monitoring control room receives notification of any security breach which is routed directly to our screens for evaluation.

The Security Network’s fully trained staff will then monitor the activity, controlling the cameras to capture vital evidence and understand the situation.

We will then ensure the appropriate action is taken for a quick response.

Peace of Mind

Remote CCTV video surveillance is proven to deter intruders. The immediate action then taken by our security officers minimises both risk and damage.

Our actions:

  • Warn the intruder via speaker system
  • Deploy a mobile Security Officer
  • Call the Emergency Services
  • Call you (if requested)
  • Check the property & liaise with required services.

Active Deterrent

CCTV is an effective deterrent for prospective thieves, however, it only records activity at your property for evidence.

Our systems ensure a swift response to any break in at your home, reducing the time available to the burglers. Our security officers will quickly attend to manage the situation.

We will also call the police and ensure the property is secured before leaving.

The Security Network

All operatives and officers at The Security Network are registered with the SIA and undergo in-depth training in situation management and incident response.

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office we take our client’s privacy seriously and ensure that our security team follows our strict standards and procedures.

Our approachable and effective team is there to ensure you and your property and kept safe at all times.

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