Essential Safety and Security Tips for Your Event

Essential Safety and Security Tips for Your Event

Whatever your event is and at whatever kind of venue, you need to be putting safety first. After all, you’re responsible for their wellbeing and experience.

Whether it’s a relatively small crowd of about fifty or a large audience of thousands, you need to kit your venue out with the right equipment. If something dangerous were to happen at your event and it was found that the venue wasn’t equipped with the right safety plan, then you could suffer severe legal or financial issues.

Cable protection

With complex sound and lighting systems alongside broadcasting there are often loads of cables lying around. You must ensure that they’re tethered and kept as inaccessible as possible. Incorrect handling of all those cables can result in a lot of problems.

Electrical faults are the most common cause of fires in business and entertainment venues, so you need to be extremely careful where this is concerned. (More on fire safety shortly!) Cables also present a tripping hazard. Keep them tidy and secure, and prevent guests from being able to access master locations of electricity.

Barriers & Signs

If there are particular danger areas, you need to make sure that attendees cannot reach those areas. If it’s a music concert, for example, you’ll want to make sure that people remain a certain distance from the stage.

If there’s a spillage somewhere, you need to ensure that people are informed of it and prevented from going in that area. Things like railings, cones, and ‘wet floor’ signs can help in all those scenarios. Barriers are also essential if you want to keep guests away from areas with a lot of cabling! Remember to consider employees at the event, too – wet floor signs may come in handy in the kitchens, too, for example.


CCTV & Crowd surveillance from security teams and professionals is an important aspect of event security. Monitoring potential issues and managing crowd control is vital to ensure the safety of your visitors.

Standard CCTV is, of course, very useful. If the event is outdoors and particularly large, then a Mobile Eye in the Sky can be even better. (This can also give you some great footage of the event and with additions such as PA and lighting, provide a multipurpose safety solution)

Fire extinguishers

If you are hiring a venue, you need to pursue your own due diligence and confirm that the premises is conforming with the law and has active Fire Safety tests and is complaint.

Ensuring the appropriate extinguishers are in place and your team are fully aware of the procedure and meeting points in the event of a fire.


Drinking water

Particularly at outdoor events, it is important that the basic needs of your visitors are catered for. Licensed premises are required by law to provide free drinking water, although they can charge for the glass! Unlicensed premisses do not have any obligations, although schools and workplaces do, so ensure water is available for your staff.

Medically-trained professionals

You should ensure that there are people at the venue who have some form of medical training. Even if it’s basic first aid training, that could end up being crucial if something bad were to happen. All the team at The Security Network are full trained in First Aid and we recommend that all event organisers and team leaders complete such training.


Last but not least is a reliable method of communication. This can be achieved with something as simple as a megaphone; in fact, regardless of the systems you have in place, you should have a megaphone as a means of backup in case another system goes down.

Radio communications should be in place for larger events with a clear protocol and identity for each user and groups. Ensuring the swift resolution to any issue is vital to maintain the wellbeing of your guests.

PA systems and lighting can also be added to CCTV Security Masts which often operate from their own power source to provide an additional layer of protection for visitors.

If you are looking for assistance in the Security arrangements for your event, please contact our Safety & Security Team.