Mobile Security Command & CCTV Unit

The Mobile Security Command & CCTV Unit (MSC & CCTV Unit) or the “Eye in the Sky” is the perfect piece of equipment to tackle crime, the ability to strategically locate the “Eye in the Sky” at our Client’s premises or within our operational areas with the added benefit of remote CCTV accessibility has been very successful in reducing and in some locations eradicating crime. CCTV systems are designed to assist in prevention and detection of crime and aims to:

  • provide evidence to the relevant enforcement agencies and/or Client’s
  • maintain public order
  • prevent anti-social behaviour and nuisance
  • provide reassurance
  • promote economic well being


The “Eye in the Sky” – (MSC & CCTV Unit) can provide the “Eye in the Sky” & Mobile Telescopic Masts from 8 metres (26ft960630in) to 42 metres (137ft 9.543310in). We in fact can provide a fixed mast and/or a mobile telescopic mast to suit any reasonable requirement. We have a wide range of standard interchangeable application designs (HEADS = CCTV, Floodlights, Advertising Banner Backdrops and so on) or we can design & manufacture a HEAD to suit your specification’s or application requirement/s.

The “Eye in the Sky” is available for rental on a weekly or longer basis. The “Eye in the Sky” comes with our own mast operators. *The rates we offer are very competitive please contact us for further details.

* Subject to set fees & our T&Cs.



The advantage of deploying the “Eye in the Sky” is:

  • Multiple use applications for example CCTV, Floodlights, Advertising, Backdrops and so on
  • Fully portable, transportable trailer, convenient & reusable
  • Components for the “Eye in the Sky” and installation tools can be transported in a van or 4×4
  • Can be assembled by a 2-man crew with no lifting equipment in under an hour
  • Suitable for most ground/environments/weather conditions
  • Smart professional livered appearance
  • Fully qualified, CCTV licensed & SIA approved, EUSR, CSCS uniformed staff that are extremely well trained to national qualifications to transport, install, operate & maintain the masts
  • Very cost-effective for supply, delivery, erecting & removal.



As the “Eye in the Sky” & Mobile Telescopic Mast are totally portable triangular lattice trailer mast some with an enclosed command unit we can provide various application for different uses including but not limited to:

  • Advertising backdrop (billboard)*known as “SOCKS”
  • ANPR & traffic management
  • Asset/profit protection
  • CCTV public space recorded surveillance
  • Flood lighting &/or outdoor sound system broadcasting
  • Full construction and demolition site security
  • HAM/FM radio aerials and/or satellite dishes
  • Health and safety and workforce protection
  • Metal and cable theft deterrent
  • Outdoor event security monitoring such as: concerts, festivals, weddings, motor shows etc
  • Project overview
  • Site design, surveying & mapping
  • Solar panels/wind turbine
  • Temporary works security & over-watch
  • Time lapsed still/aerial photography &/or film – production
  • Meteoritical sensor/weather monitoring

*(billboard manufacture/materials to be supplied by our authorised dealer at cost to the client)

Please note: *only our staff can erect and dismantle the mast


Add on Services

Alongside the supply of the “Eye in the Sky” we offer a full range of survey, designs, mast installations & onsite erecting including:

  • Advertising billboard design, manufacture & sales
  • Assembly erection and dismantle* of the “Eye in the Sky” and/or support services
  • Geotechnical surveys and investigations (for long term installations)
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Feasibility survey and preliminary design
  • Health & safety advice
  • Production of planning and detailed site-specific design drawings for placement of the “Eye in the Sky” including assess & egress and/or outlining any restrictions
  • Project management (oversee the entire use of the “Eye in the Sky
  • Shared infrastructure consultancy (use of the “Eye in the Sky” in any given environment)
  • Site specific risk assessment production



The “Eye in the Sky”, Mobile Security Command & CCTV Unit & Mobile Telescopic Masts are not only used for CCTV public space recorded surveillance they can be used in conjunction with services provided by organisations such as:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Architects & planning agencies
  • Arenas, football & sports clubs
  • Airports, bus/coach stations & hospitals
  • Auction houses, estate agents & property management company’s
  • Business parks & private estates
  • Environmental agencies and infrastructure providers
  • Event Organisers
  • Government & local councils
  • Highway & infrastructure maintenance agencies
  • National Trust or land owners
  • Photography company’s
  • Police & enforcement agencies
  • Railway
  • Shopping & retail outlets
  • Solar/wind farms
  • Sub contract to CCTV/security companies

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