Eye in the Sky – Portable CCTV Masts

Mobile Telescopic Masts providing active video surveillance and recording of large areas.

Available throughout the UK, our surveillance cameras can provide a unique 360° perspective of an area, eliminating blind spots. whilst reaching the heights of a sixteen-storey building.

All of our ‘Eye in the Sky’ systems can be quickly deployed and installed in remote and challenging environments with minimum disruption.

Portable CCTV Surveillance & Monitoring Towers

Our portable masts comply with strict health and safety requirements whilst also using the latest technology for clear and reliable image recording.

Technology Features

  • 360 Degree Rotation (eliminate blind spots)
  • Easy to Transport
  • Up to 42 Meters Tall Telescopic Mast
  • 300 Meters Night Vision
  • Weather Proof System
  • 1080P HD Recording (latest technology)
  • 5 Day Battery Life / Power Source
  • In-Vehicle & Remote Monitoring

In conjunction with manned and remote services, the ‘Eye in the Sky’ can provide valuable information to assist in a comprehensive security solution.

Why an Eye in the Sky?

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams, the mobile masts ensure that we quickly respond to changing security risks.

The Eye in the Sky can be fully operational within 45 minutes from arriving on site following a thorough Health & Saftey evaluation.

Event Security & Policing

Our mobile CCTV vehicles are regularly used by event organisers and the police to assist in the active management of crowd safety.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Helping prevent nuisance gatherings in residential areas or recording anti-social behaviour; our cameras are an excellent tool when aiming to disperse groups and crowds or record events for use as evidence.

Construction & Site Ordnance

Easy to manoeuvre, our system can be left to survey progress or provide live security monitoring of construction sites and time lapse.

Commercial & Agricultural

Responding to site activity our CCTV cameras can be quickly deployed to monitor movement and direct our security patrols when detected.

Mobile CCTV & Eye in the Sky

Research by Campbell Collaboration demonstrated that CCTV surveillance cameras are effective in reducing violent crime and theft, particularly when targeting vehicle crimes.

The Security Network high visibility mobile systems have a proven track record in reducing, monitoring and recording crime and can be easily deployed to manage a range of scenarios.

Linked to our control room for remote management through a secure network, all our mobile CCTV cameras are alarmed with up to five days battery life.

Each of our five galvanised steel CCTV telescopic mast towers undergoes a detailed maintenance program with data sheets and stress tests outlining the capability of each monitoring tower and surveillance equipment.

Data Protection & Licenses

Everyone at The Security Network is licensed and registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) under the Private Security Industry Act 2001 to monitor and operate public space CCTV monitoring equipment.

We are also registered and compliant with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Our ICO Registration Number is: ZA288580

All employees also undertake our comprehensive training programme to ensure we follow best practices at all times.


As the “Eye in the Sky” Mobile Telescopic Masts are portable triangular lattice trailer masts suitable for various applications including:

  • Advertising backdrop (billboard)*known as “SOCKS”
  • ANPR & traffic management
  • Asset/profit protection
  • CCTV public space recorded surveillance
  • Floodlighting &/or outdoor sound system broadcasting
  • Full construction and demolition site security
  • HAM/FM radio aerials and/or satellite dishes
  • Health and safety and workforce protection
  • Metal and cable theft deterrent
  • Outdoor event security monitoring such as: concerts, festivals, weddings, motor shows etc
  • Project overview
  • Site design, surveying & mapping
  • Solar panels/wind turbine
  • Temporary works security & over-watch
  • Time lapsed still/aerial photography &/or film – production
  • Meteoritical sensor/weather monitoring
Add on Services

Alongside the supply of the “Eye in the Sky” we offer a full range of survey, designs, mast installations & onsite erecting including:

  • Advertising billboard design, manufacture & sales
  • Assembly erection and dismantle* of “Eye in the Sky” and/or support services
  • Geotechnical surveys and investigations (for long-term installations)
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Feasibility survey and preliminary design
  • Health & safety advice
  • Production of planning and detailed site-specific design drawings for placement of the “Eye in the Sky” including assess & egress and/or outlining any restrictions
  • Project management (oversee the entire use of the “Eye in the Sky”)
  • Shared infrastructure consultancy (use of the “Eye in the Sky” in any given environment)
  • Site-specific risk assessment production

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