Security Dog Section

Our fully trained dogs and their handlers are experienced partners with a variety of skills to assist in guarding, protecting, searching and crowd control.

Trained to the same level as Police, Army, RAF and Fire Rescue dogs, our security dog teams are on hand to support our client’s specific requirements and support our day to day security patrols.

Canine Services

Our security dogs are trained to search people, vehicles and buildings to assist in the protection of your business premises, festival or event.

Static Security Dogs

Working full time at a specific location, Static Security Dogs are an effective visual deterrent in a range of scenarios, our static security dogs can reduce the number of security personnel required to monitor an area.

Mobile Response Security Dogs

Supporting our mobile security team, our dogs are on hand to add an additional layer of surveillance, such as perimeter searches, where scents can be detected of intruders.

National Association of Security Dog Users

The wellbeing of our security dogs is of paramount importance. We invest heavily in their training and build strong working relationships. As members of the NASDU we ensure that we adhere to their standards and best practice.

We look after our security dogs and only when the security officer and dog partnership is established and the appropriate level of training achieved do we look to deploy into service.

Security Guarding Services

Working with companies who have large patrol areas such as warehouses, airports, industrial estates, our dogs can quickly perform building and perimeter checks and assist in the response to threats alongside the security officer.

The security dog and handler are trained to bring situations under control including the apprehension of an intruder.

Drug & Explosive Detection

At the Security Network we also have access to specialist dogs who assist with Drug and Explosive detection. Working alongside other security agencies we provide a reliable and effective solution for adhoc requirements.

Trained to work discreetly our detection dogs are able to identify the presence of illegal substances or substances which can be used to make explosives.

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